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The demand for home safety assessments is more relevant than ever as the population ages. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, where Therapy Choice operates, the proportion of elderly residents is growing, highlighting the need for services that support independence and prevent accidents at home.

By focusing on creating safer living environments, Therapy Choice enhances the quality of life for many and offers peace of mind to families wishing to see their loved ones thrive in the comfort of their own homes. Therapy Choice has dedicated over two decades to this mission, helping older adults confidently navigate their golden years.

Home Safety Assessments

Home safety assessments are comprehensive tools designed to identify and mitigate potential hazards within the homes of older adults, ensuring that these environments support their changing needs. These assessments are thorough evaluations of living spaces conducted by professionals who understand the risks associated with aging. By systematically examining areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways, safety specialists develop personalized recommendations to reduce the likelihood of accidents and enhance overall accessibility.

These assessments aim to prolong the independence of older adults, allowing them to continue living in their familiar surroundings safely and comfortably. This preserves their autonomy and significantly reduces the emotional and financial burdens associated with assisted living facilities or nursing homes. As we age, our mobility and sensory perceptions often decline, making us more susceptible to accidents in places where we once moved freely. Simple modifications, such as better lighting, non-slip flooring, and strategically placed grab bars, can substantially prevent falls and other injuries.

Statistically, the need for such assessments is becoming more urgent. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by 2030, all baby boomers will be older than 65, and the proportion of the population in this age group is expected to increase rapidly thereafter. This demographic shift is particularly pronounced in states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey. These states have seen a steady increase in their elderly populations, amplifying the demand for in-home safety adaptations.

Moreover, research indicates that one in four Americans aged 65 and older falls each year, making falls the leading cause of injury and injury-related death among the elderly. Home safety assessments directly address these risks, showcasing their role in the health and well-being of our aging society.

Therapy Choice’s Approach and History

Since its establishment in 1995 by siblings Mike and Ed Gasiewski, Therapy Choice has been at the forefront of providing specialized physical and occupational therapy to the elderly population of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Both founders, practicing occupational and physical therapists, brought their extensive clinical experience and a profound understanding of geriatric needs to the company, pioneering a model of care that delivers rehabilitation services directly to patients’ homes.

Over the past two decades, Therapy Choice has conducted more than 20,000 home safety assessments, each aimed at ensuring older adults can live safely and independently in their own homes. This extensive track record has helped countless individuals maintain their independence and significantly reduced hospital readmission rates and emergency room visits due to accidents like falls.

In response to the overwhelming demand for its services and the positive outcomes of its interventions, Therapy Choice recently launched a new division: Independent by Design. This specialized branch continues the mission of enhancing elderly independence but with a sharper focus on comprehensive home safety. Independent by Design is dedicated to tailoring solutions that address individual needs, assessing multiple aspects of living space from entry points to personal mobility areas, and ensuring that every intervention is both effective and empowering.

Therapy Choice’s commitment extends beyond individual assessments. As a Medicare Part B provider in good standing and a preferred provider with Cigna Health Spring and the Veteran’s Community Care Program, the company collaborates closely with primary care physicians, local hospital systems, and other healthcare facilities. This collaboration ensures a continuum of care that supports seniors in maintaining and improving their quality of life through tailored therapy and safety assessments.

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Proven Results from Therapy Choice’s Assessments

The efficacy of Therapy Choice’s home safety assessments is best demonstrated through the compelling outcomes reported by their clients. The company has systematically collected data via post-intervention surveys to gauge the impact of its services, and the findings are overwhelmingly positive:

  • 97% of participants reported that the interventions helped them remain in their homes. This statistic underscores the role of targeted safety modifications in enabling seniors to live independently, reducing the need for institutional care.
  • 88% experienced a reduction in falls. Falls are a major concern for the elderly, often leading to severe injuries and a decline in health. The significant decrease in fall incidents highlights the effectiveness of Therapy Choice’s tailored safety enhancements.
  • 92% reported greater independence with mobility and self-care activities. This improvement is crucial for maintaining quality of life and dignity in older age, as it allows individuals to manage their daily routines with less assistance.
  • 94% felt safer and experienced less anxiety about living alone. Emotional well-being is deeply connected to physical safety; thus, these assessments secure the environment and fortify mental health by alleviating fears of accidents and falls.

These results validate the importance of home safety assessments and reflect Therapy Choice’s commitment to enhancing the lives of seniors through practical and impactful interventions. Therapy Choice ensures that each client receives the support necessary to navigate their home environment safely and confidently by focusing on personalized modifications.

A picture of Independent by Design – Home Safety Assessment Specialists with Therapy Choice in Pennsylvania

Comprehensive Assessment Process

Therapy Choice’s approach to home safety assessments is meticulous and individualized, ensuring that each client’s unique living environment and personal needs are thoroughly evaluated. The assessment process unfolds in several key stages:

  1. Initial Consultation: The process begins with an initial consultation where a skilled therapist from Therapy Choice visits the client’s home. This visit allows the therapist to understand the client’s daily routines, health issues, and specific mobility challenges.
  2. Detailed Evaluation: Following the consultation, the therapist conducts a detailed walkthrough of the home. This evaluation focuses on identifying potential hazards and areas that might pose risks of falls or accidents. The main areas of focus typically include:
    • Home Egress: Ensuring safe and accessible entry and exit points.
    • Stairs: Checking for secure and adequate handrails, proper lighting, and non-slip surfaces.
    • Bathroom: Evaluating the need for grab bars, non-slip mats, and accessible shower/tub options.
    • Kitchen: Looking at the accessibility of storage, the safety of appliances, and the overall layout to prevent strains and injuries.
    • Laundry Area: Assessing access to laundry facilities and the ergonomics of the space.
    • Common Areas: Ensuring open pathways and secure flooring to facilitate easy mobility.
  3. Tailored Recommendations: Based on the findings from the evaluation, Therapy Choice provides personalized recommendations specific to the client’s needs and conditions. These recommendations often include:
    • Installation of Grab Bars and Railings: These are placed strategically in bathrooms, along stairs, and in hallways to support safe navigation around the home.
    • Enhanced Lighting: Improving visibility in essential areas like staircases, hallways, and entryways.
    • Adaptive Equipment: Suggest specialized tools and equipment to aid in daily activities, such as shower chairs, raised toilet seats, and bed rails.
    • Reorganization of Space: Recommending adjustments in the arrangement of furniture and household items to create obstacle-free pathways and safer living conditions.
  4. Implementation and Follow-Up: Once the recommendations are made, Therapy Choice assists in implementing the suggested modifications, either by coordinating with service providers or directly installing necessary equipment. A follow-up visit is often scheduled to ensure the adaptations have been effective and make any necessary adjustments.

By tailoring each assessment to the client’s needs, Therapy Choice ensures that every intervention is practical and impactful, directly contributing to safer, more comfortable living environments for the elderly.

A picture of Independent by Design – Home Safety Assessment Specialists with Therapy Choice in Pennsylvania

Secure Your Independence with Therapy Choice

Therapy Choice is committed to enhancing the lives of seniors through comprehensive home safety assessments that promote independence and well-being. With over two decades of dedicated service, our tailored solutions have been proven to significantly reduce risks and improve the daily lives of elderly residents in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Don’t wait to make your home a safer, more comfortable place to live.

To learn more about how our home safety assessments can benefit you or your loved ones, call us today at 215-743-1060 or fill out the form below to schedule a consultation. Therapy Choice can help you take the first step towards a safer, more independent life.

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