Are you an older adult who lives alone?

A home safety assessment is an important way to identify potential hazards in your home and prevent injuries. It’s performed by a licensed health-care professional, such as an occupational therapist.

The home safety assessment may also include home improvement recommendations to help you navigate your environment more securely, such as installing handrails in the bathroom or making sure your house has adequate lighting. An elderly home safety assessment can be an important preventive measure, especially because falls are one of the most common sources of injury among seniors.

According to the National Council on Aging, one in four Americans age 65 and older falls every year, and falls are the number one cause of injury-related death for older adults.


How therapy can help

An occupational therapist will evaluate the safety of your home and make recommendations for modifications if needed. Getting a home safety assessment may reduce your risk of injury and help you live independently in your own home for as long as possible.

For example, an occupational therapist may recommend a bath seat and a grab bar in the client’s shower. There are a variety of options for equipment but there may only be a few that are appropriate for each client.

An occupational therapist can determine the most appropriate device for your situation and assist you in getting the device, helping to facilitate delivery and set up.

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