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Providing home safety assessments is a process where a professional reviews the conditions of the living space and guides clients toward contractors who will incorporate recommended safety-enhancing modifications.

How Does an Assessment Work?

A home safety assessment is a crucial way to identify potential hazards in your home and prevent injuries while helping to promote independence. It’s performed by a licensed healthcare professional, such as an occupational therapist.

The home safety assessment includes home improvement recommendations to help you navigate your environment more securely. The process is quick and easy:

  • Our licensed healthcare professional visits the home
  • The therapist will assess the client's functional status, the client’s environment, and identify barriers to make appropriate recommendations (e.g. installations of support devices, widen doorways, lighting adjustments, etc.)
  • The therapist will then direct the client toward certified contractors to complete the modifications if needed.

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Did you know that your assessment may be fully covered under Medicare Part B? Our professionals can help you understand your eligibility and schedule an in-home visit today!

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Proactively Prevent Falls

  • Take on low-impact, strength and balance exercise routines
  • Proactively remove physical hazards from the home
  • Use proper assistive equipment
  • Regularly check vision and hearing
  • Avoid/limit alcohol intake

“What If I Fall?”

  • Remain still to recompose
  • Identify if you’re injured
  • Support yourself to get up
  • Slowly move to the nearest chair
  • Contact help

How Therapy Can Help

Along with home safety assessments, we also provide in-home physical therapy and occupational therapy services to strengthen weakened muscles, improve balance, and treat a broad range of injuries. Therapy serves as both a proactive and reactive approach to treating all levels of injury. And our therapists provide personalized preventative injury tips and train clients to better mobilize in their current home setting.


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