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Home Assessments To Age In Place Have Many Benefits

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A home assessment for an older person who needs therapy, such as occupational therapy or physical therapy, offers several significant benefits: Personalized Care: A home assessment allows therapists to evaluate the patient’s specific needs and challenges in their own environment. This personalized approach ensures that therapy recommendations are tailored to the individual’s goals, daily life […]

Modifying Homes As People With Parkinson’s Disease Decline

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Modifying a home for someone with Parkinson’s disease involves creating a safe and accessible environment that accommodates the challenges associated with the condition. Here are some general suggestions to help an older person with Parkinson’s disease adapt to their home: Remove Tripping Hazards: Secure loose rugs or remove them altogether. Eliminate clutter and unnecessary furniture […]

The Changing Healthcare Ecosystem: How Home Therapy is a Solution

Home Therapy

Healthcare is experiencing one of its greatest transformations. As treatment is becoming more personalized and accessible to patients, in-home Medicare Part B physical and occupational therapy is in greater demand than ever before.   The Challenge Hospitals have been adjusting their care delivery models to a hospital-at-home structure, and as a result, many Medicare part […]