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Ready to Rid Yourself of Headaches? PT Can Help


Finally Find Relief for Your Persistent Headaches with In-Home Physical Therapy If stress-related headaches are happening so frequently that they are impacting your daily life, it’s time to start thinking about physical therapy for relief. Stress-related headaches, also called tension headaches, are the most common type of headache that impacts people. While they are not […]

If You Are in Need of More Physical Activity, Try These 7 Tips


Get Moving Again with These Helpful Tips! Did you know that 80 percent of the U.S. population falls short of the Physical Activity Guidelines recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services? Millions of Americans are risking serious health consequences simply because they do too much sitting and not enough moving around. You may […]

Say Goodbye to Your Aches and Pains with In-Home Physical Therapy

aches and pains

Don’t Let Yourself Live in Pain Any Longer! Whether you have recently started waking up with generalized aches and pains, or suffering from chronic pain for a long time, physical therapy has been proven to be the best possible treatment method for you. A sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, or an injury can […]

Relieve Your Pain Without Drugs! Find Natural Pain Relief Today

natural pain relief

Ready to Find Pain Relief Without the Side Effects of Opioids? Pain is a serious problem in today’s world. An estimated 1 out of every 5 Americans suffer from some degree of chronic pain, and 8 percent of those sufferers find the pain so intense that they can’t pursue their normal activities. It’s little wonder, […]

Move Freely Again By Finding Effective Relief for Your Hip and Knee Pains

hip and knee pain relief

Move with Comfort and Ease with the Help of our In-Home Physical Therapists! The knee is considered a hinge joint while the hip is a ball-and-socket joint. They are both complex joints with a network of muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone, and cartilage all working together to keep you moving. With this many moving parts, it’s […]

Ready to Improve Your Health? These 5 Activities Can Help

improve your health

Are You Ready to Get Started on the Path Toward Improved Health? If you spend your days hobbling painfully from your bed to your reclining chair and back, the notion of pursuing any kind of vigorous activity may be the furthest thing from your mind. The truth, however, is that getting active can vastly improve […]

Do You Think You May Be In Need of PT? These 5 Indicators Will Let You Know

physical therapy

Looking For a Sign that You Need Our In-Home Physical Therapy Services? This Is It! Physical therapy isn’t just for rehabilitation or athletes in training. There are many reasons why a person might need the assistance of a physical therapist. There are five basic indicators that you are in need of physical therapy – and […]