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Home. Comfort. Partnerships. Safety.

1. Home: By seeing your surroundings, our therapists can assess, detect and address potential barriers in your home.
2. Comfort: In-home therapy promotes convenience, comfort and allows for personalized therapy sessions.
3. Partnerships: We team you up with the best therapist for your specific requirements, allowing you to work together for the duration of your treatment.
4. Safety: As home safety assessment specialists, we ensure all our patients attain the most appropriate adaptations and training on proper use.
Our Highly Experienced Team of In-Home Therapist and Home Safety Assessment Specialists Serve Residents of NJ, PA & DE.
Stay Safe and Independent at Home

Home Safety Assessment

At Therapy Choice, we specialize in comprehensive home safety assessments. Conducted by licensed occupational therapists, these assessments are more than just an evaluation—they're a proactive approach to making your living space safer and more accessible. From installing handrails to ensuring proper lighting, we tailor improvements to your unique needs. Let us help you maintain your independence and live securely in the comfort of your home. Home Safety Assessments empower you to experience peace of mind, with fewer falls, greater mobility, and less anxiety. Ready to make your home a safer haven? Contact us now for your free consultation and discover how we can tailor your space for comfort and safety.

In-Home Therapy

Therapy Choice

Therapy Choice Offers In-Home Therapy For These Conditions & Many Others